Turmoil in Nevermoor

Nevermoor, Naggaroth

The Nevermoor Ravens battled their esteemed West rival, The Cold Hard Truth at Nevermoor Coliseum Monday, losing 2-1 on a fumbled pass attempt by rising-star  runner Josef Flacco. This heartbreaking lost takes the Ravens to 2 wins and 4 losses, seriously hurting any aspirations the team may have for the post-season.

The Ravens came out swinging against The Cold Hard Truth early in the match; inducing the surprisingly effective Mercenary Assassin Soul Runner and knocking out much of the Lizardman team.  But confusion between Raven players and the Raven’s Coaching staff late in the first half led to a sideline physical altercation between Coach Sturmjarl and  Josef Flacco after the Raven’s first, and only score of the day.

Coach Sturmjarl spoke of the incident and the loss after the match, “Of course I’m upset at the lost, particularly at home.  Josef and I had some words…and a little more than words.  I strongly questioned  why he scored on turn 7 instead of holding out until turn 8. That was not the play I clicked…ahem, I mean called from the sidelines. That bone-headed move(no disrepect to Kro’lotha.  $@!ing Krox passed every BH roll!) )  gave the Truth time to tie it up before half-time. We also  missed Gestin’s leadership on the field today, and his side step…and his diving tackle. Josef may be physically gifted but he’s still our back-up runner to Gesdar. That %&)* elf has some growing up to do if he wants to continue to play on this team. ”

After the slow start for the Ravens’ second season, rumours of  fractions between Raven players,  Coaches and the Nevermoor High Council  continue to plague  the organization. The recent formation of The Apocalypse Drow farm team by the High Council has only created more confusion and distrust about the future of the Ravens in the M.M.L.

The Ravens host the Seathiel Treehawks in Week 7.