Two Wax Sealed Letters

It was a Blood Bowl Monday not so long ago. The Black Marsh Monitors Playing their last game of their second pro season. Playing against the Bill Cower Power Hour. It was a sunny day and the smell of beer and Halfling Chef’s cooking was in the air. It was a well fought game by both sides but, when the final whistle was blown the much more experienced Power Hour left with a 3-0 win. Coach Jiggs walked off the field with his team heads hung low with disappointment. The coach and team that just 1 season ago made a bowl game in their rookie pro season went 1-0-6. Coach Jiggs reassured the team next season will be better….

Once back in Black Marsh the team went straight to their after match rituals of Eating and Sparing. While the team did their thing Coach Jiggs went to his office to check the financials and start figuring out how to turn his team around. Before the Guild of Bandits & Affiliated Trades cancels his teams contract. Scratching his head Coach Jiggs exclaims ” I need to figure out how to make the Monitors profitable again” knowing the G.B.A.T won’t work with him if they aren’t bringing in the cash…

A few days had passed and Coach Jiggs had come up with a few plans none were very good. Just then Razorfinn rushed in and handed the coach a wax sealed letter. Coach Jiggs recognized the seal right away… It was the Guild.

Coach Jiggs,

We at the G.B.A.T. have not been pleased with your teams performance. That being said we had a meeting as to how to move forward with the Monitors and yourself. As you very well know we have our hands everywhere there is gold. It seems we gotten everything we need from Black Marsh, and made a nice profit off the monitors last three seasons. Unfortunately there is no more gold to be made off these Lizards. We know you have grown fond of Lizardkin , and our sources say you may or may not have also been affiliated with some all Lizard cabal of sorts. We never brought it up because it doesn’t affect our money or any of our goals as a Organization. Be affiliated with whomever you like just remember you work for us… Enclosed is a map you need to meet us on this Island in exactly 1 week from receiving this letter. Your days as the Monitors coach run short so we suggest taking care of any business in the next few hours you have a long trip ahead of you… We look forward to our meeting and assure your safe passage at the very least until this meeting. Where your fate will be decided… Do not over think this… just tie up any loose ends… 1 week be there


Coach Jiggs looks at the map and the Island seems pretty familiar… ” Looks to me like it’s Ocatraz, why would the Guild want to have a meeting there?” Razorfinn ran in with another wax sealed envelope… The seal is familiar it’s from the Aztec Gold’s Coach Blue6Maxx…

My Friend Coach Jiggs,

Aztec Gold has made enough money to make an offer back for the koxigor Montezuma. We know we just sold him to you last season but he is a vital part of our Team. If there is anyway we could make a deal before next season let me know

-Blue6Max Head Coach Aztec Gold-

Coach Jiggs looks at Razorfinn and says ” Lad i’m no longer your coach, tell the rest of the team their contracts are free agents. My last order of business as Head Coach of the Monitors is to get Montezuma home to Aztec Gold… Send a skink Messenger right away to set up the sale to Aztec Gold.” Razorfinn nods then asks ” what about us coach?” ” You are all free to do what you’d like. Continue your careers elsewhere or buy some land and start a family. Do what makes you happy you all have earned it. I on the other hand must be leaving… tell the team i’m sorry about not saying goodbye but, when G.B.A.T. calls you answer” Razorfinn nods again and Coach Jiggs heads to the docks to catch the boat…


  1. So sad to see this amazing lizard team go. Hope Jiggsy doesn’t get locked up in Orcatraz. – Hopefully the sale will be profit enough… One heck of a Krox….

  2. Very sad to see the end of the Monitors after such a great start to the MML, I look forward to Jiggsy future ventures as long as its not dorf related!

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