(UN)CIVIL WAR!! Morningstars Lose Game and Fans to The Squirrels!

Mousillon Memorial Stadium

A thunderous roar could be heard throughout the city on Friday rising from Memorial Stadium. The Bretonnian faithful had sold out the Morningstars home field to watch “The Battle of Bretonnia”.  But the Mousillon crowd were not cheering for their beloved Morningstars but for the up-start Order of The Holy Squirrels, who defeated The Mousillon Morningstars, 2-1 in typically spectacular Squirrel fashion.

Orchestrated by Morningstar team-owner and Grand Vizier of Mousillon, Count Archibald Drumph, this unprecedented televised exhibition match immediately following the Season 7 MML Pro Final, holding onto a sizable audience in the CabalVision ratings. That unexpected scheduling snafu put a bright spotlight on Mousillon. Count Drumph, ever the show man, embraced that spotlight with a media blitz to take what was a ‘friendly exhibition” match into a not-so “undeclared war” against Coach AndyCuk and his Holy Squirrels. An obviously inebriated Count Drumph even went so far as to join the announcers in the broadcast booth during the match, abruptly exiting before the end of the match and skipping the post-game press conference.

Morningstar players’ heads were bowed at the post-game press conference as Coach Sturmjarl took to the podium.

I first want to congratulate Coach AndyCuk and The Order for playing a great match today…They made the plays that we couldn’t make today…Second…I want to state my utmost respect for both Coach Andy and the Squirrels…this was originally going to be a showcase of the proud Bretonnian teams in the MML in anticipation of Season 8…I’ve followed The Squirrels’ success in the Challenge League with admiration…and I was looking forward to a great respectful skirmish between our teams…So when Count Drumph starting promoting this “Battle for Bretonnia”…I was taken aback by the animosity…even more so…when Count Drumph demanded giving the pre-game speech to the team…calling “for squirrel blood on the field”…to “not hold anything back against these wanna-be losers”…He worked my players into a frenzy early in the match…receiving the opening kick-off…with a strong score…fouling all the way down field.  But I regret this in hindsight…because my players stomping down on fellow Bretonnians…is not in their true nature…and our fans lets us know that…with their boos. Still… It looked like an easy win for us, but I give credit for Coach AndyCuk drawing up that remarkable scoring play to finish the first half  (#highlight THAT!! Andy!)…The crowd certainly loved it…and that’s my biggest regret…because we didn’t just lose the game…we lost our fans…our “Twelfth Yeoman”…the cheers for The Squirrels demoralized my team…the crowd even threw  the ball ball straight to our opponent!?!..sealing the win for them…I’ve have never heard a Mousillon crowd cheer so loudly…for an opponent…or even US in the past!?!…This might be the worst loss yet for the Morningstars… We have a lot of work to do in Season 8…to get our fans back.

Count Drumph has gone into a self-imposed seclusion locking himself in his Drumph Tower; rumors circulate of a manic Drumph raging at his underlings. Only one cryptic Twerp posting has been sent since the Morningstars loss stating “ungrateful peasants…and the rest of The MML… will be sorry for their betrayal…I promise you, that!”

The Morningstars open their Season 8 against Coach Whiskey Tornado and The Snitchburg PieRats, Monday at 5pm EASTERN STANDARD TIME.

#Making Bretonnia Great Again?


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