Bretonnia has found no enemy that they could not match, or whom they could not beat….at least, that is what the told themselves. No one speaks of the ancient enemy now rising from beneath, and no one will be left to tell the tale. Unless you can stem…..the Vermintide.


  • Open to 6 Skaven teams under 1100TV (Farm teams only).
  • Open to 10 NEW Bretonnian / Human teams.
  • 16 teams total – round robin format.

Special Rules:

  • Entries:
    • Skaven teams may enter with teams at or below 1100TV (MML Farm teams only).
    • Bretonnian and Human teams may only enter NEW teams.
  • Limited Resources:
    • Skaven may ONLY use Bloodweiser Babes and Extra Training Inducements – all others are prohibited.
  • Strength of the Clan:
    • Whenever a Skaven is matched against another Skaven, the match will be managed as a win for the team with the higher TV (excluding JM).
      • In the case of a tie in TV (excluding JM), the team with the most players, then the most gold will get the win.
  • Brotherhood!:
    • Whenever Bretonnians or Humans are matched against one another, the match will be managed as a draw for both teams.


  • Skaven Master Clan:
    • The skaven team with the best record will be declared the Master Clan
    • Prize: TBD
  • Verminbane:
    • The Bretonnian or Human team that hosts the player with the most Skaven kills
    • Prize: TBD


One comment

  1. Is this open yet? I want in on the side of the Skaven! River City Scramblers are ready to rumble. Or run.

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