Victory! Bullfrogs cap off debut CL Season with Bowl Win

It wasn’t easy, and it certainly wasn’t pretty, but the fledgling Orc team has finished their debut season by clinching a Bowl game berth, and going so far as to win it. Led by Coach Kube and Team Captain Sorhag, the Bullfrogs were able to overcome a disastrous 0-2 start to the season, losing zero of their final six games, including the climactic Rock Hard Rocks Bowl Game victory over the Nibelheim Ringmasters (4-0-2).

This late surge was facilitated by vast improvements from both a coaching and player talent standpoint, with none more integral to the Bullfrogs’ success than the aforementioned captain and star Blitzer Sorhag, who made the Top 10 Impact Players in the WAR/UGC Division, mostly due to his high volume blocking (61 total, T-2nd in the Division) and casualty rate (6 casualties, 2nd in the division, 1 kill, T-1st in the division). Thrower Trogg Flinga was generally effective at carrying the ball, and though he still has much room for improvement, he did manage to find the endzone with some consistency (4 TD, T-2nd in the division). While these were undeniably the team’s top contributors, Bogmire was aided by great performances from almost everyone within the Black Orc Blocker and Blitzer position groups.

Sitting one point short of the Bowl Game eligibility threshold with one game left to play, the Bullfrogs were able to squeak out a draw against the Bone Idle Rotters, narrowly affording them the chance to play in a hallowed Challenge League Bowl Game. Within the first few instances of the Rock Hard Rocks Bowl, it was clear that Nuffle had blessed Bogmire with good fortunes, as Norse after Norse fell to a KO, injury, or even death. Despite even their own coach holding reservations about the likelihood of a postseason berth in their maiden season, the Bullfrogs had validated their entrance in to the competition, grinding their way to a 2-0 win over the Ringmasters, who couldn’t match the Orcs’ strength and durability.

When asked about their intentions for Season 27, Coach Kube confirmed that the Bullfrogs would be entering the Challenge League once more. He also commented that the customary brawl to decide upon a new Team Captain, and affirmed that he would be taking bets on the winner.

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