war effort CODENAME iceman

From general you are  to move out as soon as you receive this message. You are to take a small army of your best men and join the rest of your dreadlords in fort brutamire where we shall plan our assault we have the advantage over the alliance and we must not lose it you must also train your men remember some of your men shall be asked to do things you do not want to, or that you have always wanted to do but could not for the sake of society if anyone questions your actions remember i made you do it. inclosed is a sum of 1 million gold coins you are to use this money to pay your troops, to read the fort, and to buy food and drink. end message -general More_shots. War Book May 30th 5442.The men are training all day and long into the night, our strongest group of men have learned the art of not only killing our enemy but how to strike fear into the hearts of allies and foes alike. My small group of men that have been transformed by chaos have learned to fight without falter giving no quarter nor receiving any. my own personal body guards are growing in power. we have partly trained several groups of men in the art of hidden killing, but despite this it is still not enough my men have not fully embraced chaos they need a true battle to take there true form. (the journal entry ends here) I shall write more when I receive more orders.