We DON’T need a TREE

Coach Ponghines was standing on the grass, just outside the side lines of the playing field of the Ancient Tree Stadium. The new Loren Rockets training session was almost over.

“Back into the MML league, after so many years… Maybe I am too old for this” he thought.

“We are ready, Coach” whispered a soft voice on his side.

Ponghines hated the way the wardancers could walk without making any noise and sneak behind him like that.

“No, Utae’und, we are not” said the old coach turning around to face the elf “But it doesn’t matter. How is your brother?”.

They turned around towards the field where Hasnwaen, the new young catcher of the Loren Rockets, was training on sprint runs and dodges.

“He is very good, Coach, but he is also too young. He needs more experience… And we need some more strength” he paused for a moment because he knew that what he was about to say would have angered his coach “We need a tree…”.

“Always the same old story, after all these years” Unexpectedly the coach smiled at him. “We need speed, we need agility and experience for sure. Maybe we need a wizard too… but we definitely don’t need a tree!”

Coach Ponghines felt more confident now “Maybe I am not so old after all”.

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