Week 4 Injury Report

Hello , Apothecary More_Shots here we are heading into week 4 and here is your injury update.  I present this injury report with a heavy heart.  As a coach in this league I’m a fan of my team and the players on it.  But, sometimes a player comes along that you just can’t help but cheer for.  This week one such player is going to miss a game.  Sadly War Pig has been injured. (wipes away a tear)

INJURED, Lineman Amaleyl for White Pwlz

INJURED, Blitzer Elfir for Bloodshot Warriors

INJURED, Saurus Elizardbeth Banks for Celebrity Reptiles

INJURED, Storm Vermin Caly Mousethews for Mauz

INJURED, Lineman Rotsh for Wrecking Kru

INJURED, Thrower Graost for Wrecking Kru

INJURED, Troll Slayer Hisil Thangi-Troll for The Frozen Thrones

INJURED, Troll Slayer Moat Icebreaker for Merthyr Shock’n’Orc

INJURED, Long Beard Bobert Newdwarf for Merthyr Shock’n’Orc

INJURED, Beastman Mras-gors for Thugz of Wheldrake

and last on the list but first in our hearts…

INJURED, Blitzer War Pig for Pork Attack

(Puts the needle onto an old dusty record player)

*Black Sabbath – In For The Kill plays softly*

Eldril Sidewinder was seen killed in the Rockets game this week but, the reports of his death are greatly exaggerated.  We have the feeling he made be seen in the future playing for the Rockets or maybe even other teams.


Celebrity Reptiles

Saurus Sssylvesstor Sstallone: Deceased









Loren Rockets

Lineman Brizjra: Deceased







Star Player Eldril Sidewinder: Deceased (Maybe)








My condolences go out to all coaches who have lost players this week in the PRO, Challenge, and . We play a violent game and this is the price we all play for the opportunity to taste sweet and achieve fame and glory in the MML.

As always, I’ve got a shot for ya,