Week 8 Injury and Obituary

Hello MMLPro fans, League Apothecary More_Shots here with the week 8 injury update.

Sadly injuries and deaths are down this week.  Week 7 had only 7 injuries and 2 deaths, compared 12 injuries and a whopping 7 deaths back in week 6

Again this week the injury report it littered with the low AV players.  We have 4 Elves, 1 Skink, 2 Rats and oddly another 1 of my Beastman have ended up on the list.

INJURED, Blitzer Ertain for Darvi Bloodwings
INJURED, Skink Loqssa for Reptile Dysfunction
INJURED, Gutter Runner Altei the Quick for Roquefort Ramblers
INJURED, Lineman Elthel for Nevermoor Ravens
INJURED, Lineman Skitch for Roquefort Ramblers
INJURED, Lineman Umhor for Darkmoon Blades
INJURED Beastman Horny Siragusa for Bill Cowher Power Hour

The obituary column has a shocking entry.  This past week dwarf runner Khaal Oldhammer killed in a rainy game where both teams refused to score.  We live in sad times when elves and rats are allowed to run free and good solid dwarfs die.  In an attempt to even the scales Nuffle took the life of Nallos Journeyman lineman that was filling in for a banged up Nevermoor Ravens.  As always coaches if you see a journeyman… make sure to kill them.(Just like Pierre’s Pastries did)  They are second class citizens and nobody will miss them.

Merthyr Shock’n’Orc

Runner Khaal Oldhammer: Deceased









Nevermoor Ravens

JOURNEYMAN Lineman Eldlin: Deceased









My condolences go out to all coaches who have lost players this week in the MML and Farm. We play a violent game and this is the price we all play for the opportunity to taste sweet victory and achieve fame and glory in the MML.

As always, I’ve got a shot for ya,