Welcome to the BIG SHOW!!!

JUST SCORE – As the new season is upon us I’m sure you’ve started to notice a few new faces on some familiar teams.  Some of these players are farm players moving up to a Pro/Challenge team via the transfer market.

Whaling Jennings joining the New Orcland Grunts

Blood Bowl 2_20160629190850

Captain Morgan joining The Kentucky Bourbons

Blood Bowl 2_20160629190929

PreachMJ joining the Mousillon Morningstars

Blood Bowl 2_20160629191011

Matt joining the Innsmouth Deep Ones

Blood Bowl 2_20160629191055

Makers Mark joining the Bill COWher Power Hour

Blood Bowl 2_20160629191126

Conor McGregor joining the Los Pumas

Blood Bowl 2_20160629191155

Frau Farhissina joining TMNL

Blood Bowl 2_20160629191221

Louise joining The Green Tide Titans

Blood Bowl 2_20160629191312

Bane joining Hisstory of Violence

Blood Bowl 2_20160629191336