Welcome to the Pro’s

The final whistle sounded, And the fans roared with cheer and joy throughout the shire, bloodbowl stadium of the Lord of the Skinks, it had been a very tense and difficult game as every game in the MML had been so far, but the Pro league was a different challenge again, with their first 2 games ending in failure and injury it was nice to finally get some points on the leaderboard, they had come at the expense of the Pumpkin Kings who had come up to the pro’s along with coach Lazertrip and his lizard team from the same challenge league group, this was their 3rd meeting in 3 season’s but neither coach had been able to get a win against the other until today.

Coach DwarfGiant, the opposition coach and dear friend came to shake the lizard coaches hand after the game, they had always shared a respect for each other since their first meeting, And the players of both teams were also chatting and swapping jerseys on the pitch, their games were never as brutal as you’d expect an orc and lizardman encounter to be, both coaches wished each other the best for the rest of the season and said their farewells.

It was nice to finally see the players in high spirits, laughing and chatting in the changing rooms after a hard fought match, the Lord of the Skinks roster had changed slightly since they started their campaign in the MML but most were original members, since the depart of the ever unreliable Gandalf the Kroxigor, they had purchased the contract of Larry the Krox from the farm leagues, And after 2 games he has finally started settling into the team and had an absolute storm of a game today, the season before they had also purchased Oatluax of black marsh from fellow lizard coach BMFJiggs, since joining the team he has ended many a players career with the brutality which was familiar from someone from black marsh, and quickly established himself as the captain of the team, even the new rookie skink signing, Golem managed to get his first touchdown today, having replaced the injured Samwise after a brutal playoff game against Doneagle and his necro team, samwise now took a roll as assistant coach to Lazertrip.

The team had left the changing rooms and were returning to their respective families for some well earned rest, but Coach Lazertrip had his mind on next week’s game against the White Owls, season 5 champions and coached by the very talented theStu, standing on the side of the pitch of the Shire he heard small footsteps behind him, he turned to see Samwise making his way down the tunnel to pitchside to join his former coach, he did not say anything, only held out his hand which held an envelope, it was sealed with a familiar seal, one that Lazertrip had seen many times already, the envelope was titled “White Owls secret tactics and plays” And was signed JF, coach Lazertrip smiled and Samwise and said “see Sam, I told you he would come through for us”.


  1. I wonder if I could employ the services of your contacts to help me get hold of The Harrelson’s play book? Good read and despite the result, enjoyed the game too!

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