“We’ll be singing, when we’re Flinging!”

The Flying Munchkins were all the talk in Altdorf!

A new street act had appeared and had been drawing large crowds wherever they set up, be it in the large k, on the streets or on the back alley’s. Wherever there was gold to be earned and free food to eat, the Munchkins were available for hire! It wasn’t unusual to see a group of halflings together, they made up a not insignificant percentage of the population of Altdorf. It was the Treemen! Seeing 3 of these monstrous creatures, each about 14 ft high, wandering around the city with their slow, wide strut was something that did not happen every day. The Munchkins were happy and joyful while they entertained. They sung and danced throughout the performance with catchy little numbers that the gathered crowds could pick up on.

However, getting too close to them came with a real risk of bumps, bruises or squishing. The Flying Munchkins put on such a show that crowds flocked wherever they set up.  They had brought to the city a new form of circus entertainment. Rather that using ropes or wires, the flings would be chucked from one tree to another, they would be juggled four at a time by each tree, they would be bounced off of the pavement like a ball, with the help of an elaborate, inflated suit that almost suffocated the poor guys! Thankfully full safety procedures were in place and no halflings had yet come to harm within the city. The treemen had practiced long and hard and all “accidents” that had occurred in training, had been resolved or covered up.

The common people of Altdorf, especially the children, were in awe of the shows and loved to join in with the songs. “We get knocked down, then we bounce up again. We love to dance and fly around! We’re flung about, and spin around again, you’ll never see us without a pie!” So much so that their following on Facetomb and BashBop were growing at an incredible pace. Pirate streams of their act was spreading quickly and attracting the interest of talent agents, businesses and even Blood Bowl scouts. Head scout for the Altdorf Avocados (a minor league team), Bunjo McHaggis, had caught the performance. Unsurprisingly the halflings were very reluctant to get involved with the brutal sport, but the treemen were very interested as the gold they could earn would far outstrip what they earned on city streets. Bunjo went back to his owner and immediately requested that the Munchkins were invited to come check out their upcoming game with the Snivvelling Scumbags.

The day of the match came. The Flying Munchkins were not only invited to watch the game but were hired as the pre match entertainment!  The crowd loved the show. The flings were bouncing around, whipping up the crowd and pulled off one spectacular piece. One of the treemen threw Pervice Carrott, the most talented Munchkin, at the goalposts. He caught the upright and swung from the first pole, flipped around it and leaped to the 2nd, before spinning around it and coming back to the treeman and being caught again. The cheers from the fans were long and loud. The small stadium was packed for the grudge match, both teams were trying to avoid finishing last in their division.

The Flying Munchkins had loved the larger crowds and cheers. They realised this could be their new living. Travelling the Old World and be warm up acts for Blood Bowl games from city to city. As they were heading off the grass, one of the Treemen was last off the pitch just as the Scumbags came pouring out of their dressing room. The 2 large doors opened and 2 pump wagons came flying out at full speed! The treeman was caught head on by them both and ran over the poor tree. And then the troll came charging out oblivious to the tree on the ground and trampled on the poor treeman. He did not get up. The Munckins heard the groans of the treeman as he got trampled and turned back just in time to see the treeman get attention from the home apothecary. Amazingly the treeman came back to life, but the apothecary had hacked off part of the broken collar bone that had penetrated the internal organs. His flinging days were over. While they could carry on, the cheers from the crowd had stolen their hearts, and the smells from all the food vendors had stolen their bellies. They knew this was what they wanted to do!

The Flying Munchkins signed up with the MML the next day. Bunjo McHaggis joined the team as player coach.

They are coming….

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