What did Drumph say about Dark Elves?!?!

Editorial by Just Score contributor Major Justice

Some have already commented on the amazing coverage coming out of Drumph’s meeting with April O’Neal recently. It’s a feature piece. But there’s one part of that story I want to focus in on. Everything that happened in that meeting underscores Drumph’s extreme ignorance and, just as importantly, extreme indifference to being ignorant. But the exchange about Dark Eleven support has a unique significance in the context of that meeting.

Drumph was asked – not surprisingly and not unreasonably – what about your unpopularity with Dark Elf players and what about other races? Drumph’s response: No, Dark Elves love me!

This is obviously ridiculous on its face. The MML is generally unpopular with Elves and Drumph is personally unpopular with Dark Elves at a level that is historic and unprecedented. We know this from a limitless trove of public opinion data. As a factual matter, it’s no more ridiculous than the 2nd Article of the MML Rules & Regulations Drumph pledged to protect or numerous other examples of Drumph nonsense. But it has a particular import here.

This was a private meeting, meant to reassure skittish members of Brettonia. A predictable and half way reasonable way to respond might have been, “Look, the Brettonian border is important and it’s what our core players care about. But we’ve got a plan to soften that opposition from Dark Elves over coming seasons.”

Given everything we’ve seen, that wouldn’t be a terribly convincing response. But it would be a response that at least engaged the reality of the situation. If I were a Blitzer player and heard what Drumph said, I’d be angry. And I strongly suspect many of there were. If I’m a Mousillon Morningstar player I that and think, “Damn, you’ve got zero plan to ensure we don’t lose games. I can’t even tell if you care. But you definitely haven’t even thought about it.”

That’s one thing to say to an interviewer to rebuff a question or say at a rally to give supporters something to say on Twerper. But in private, when people’s whose jobs and playing time are on the line need an answer, it’s different.

We often say that Brettonia has collectively cast anchors from the world of mediocrity and the reality based universe others inhabit. But even the biggest numskull in the MML, the biggest nonsense spewer is very, very empirical when it comes to getting a coaching gig. And if they’ve been there for more than one season it’s something they usually know a good deal bout, even ones who are incurious and ignorant about most things or generally stupid by most definitions.

My late father used to always tell me “You can’t kid a kidder.” You can’t Elf BS an Elf either. Brettonians are consummate BSers. But they want real answers on this one very specific question. When that’s Drumph’s answer, his real answer in private, to a serous and for some existential danger, it’s immediately clear there’s no there there, no net, no back-up plan, nothing but a donkey riffing and talking the way he does when he’s trying to get a mark to sign on the dotted line for one of his stadiums. That’s fine about wasteland droughts, Orcs, the Skaven Menace, virtually anything. But Brettonians need to get a leader. That’s real. I have great confidence that many of the players in that room weren’t just dumbfounded by the Dark Elf response. They were mad.


  1. A wall around the field would prevent fans from stealing players’ jobs.

  2. Fr:TheRealDrumph
    Sounds “mwha mwha mwah”, Major Loser!
    #Making Bretonnia Great Again

  3. Fr:TheRealDrumph
    Sounds like “mwha mwha mwah”, Major Loser!
    #Making Bretonnia Great Again

  4. is drumph going to target norse next? if so solus savers will find you and they will gang foul you out of this world :p

  5. Fr:TheRealDrumph
    I’ve even eaten raw dragonheart and drank virgin bloodwine with the High Council of Nevermoor. Yummy!
    #Dark Elves love my $$$

  6. We Blitzkriegers didn’t react because we only do when it worth it. So we don’t about Brets.


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