Where has Drumph Been??? by April O’Neal


It’s been two long (and gloriously Drumph-free) seasons since we’ve heard much from the previously boisterous Count Drumph of Mousillon.  Since losing to The Order of the Holy Squirrels in the ridiculously hyped “Battle for Bretonnia” exhibition match before Season 9, the Morningstar team owner and Viscount of Mousillon has shied away from the MML spotlight he had previously dominated( or at least demanded) delegating (*cough* dumping *cough*) many of his team and bureaucratic duties onto his sub-ordinates (underlings) as he has been splitting time between Mousillon and an extended holiday in the unlikely small country of Sylvania, just north of the Mousillon border. The Morningstars have diligently carried on with most of the day to day operations being run by Head Coach Sturmjarl, while Count Drumph has been staying in Lara Mago, an ancient resort castle refurbished by Drumph Inc. for Sylvania’s Lord Vladamir Sputin.

Drumph has been busy building  a “beautifully, majestic” Wall on the eastern side of the city-state, trying to slow entry from the goblins and skaven…and anybody else that he deemed “unworthy”, but in a surprising move has recently embraced Sylvania; the small reclusive city-state to the North, historically having tenuous relations with Northern Bretonnian because…well…The Vampires.   Just Score’s April O’Neal managed to sit down  with Count Drumph, before the Morningstar’s post-season game versus The Lord of Skinks in The Goblin Gambling Bowl.

April O’Neal: Count Drumph, you have been less involved in the day to day operations of the Morningstars presently.  The Morningstars are appearing in their third bowl game in a row. A fine accomplishment for certain(#FirstLoser), but  how do you feel about Coach Sturmjarl and the Morningstars failing to make the playoffs (again)?



Count Drumph: April, you are looking as lovely as ever, but it is disappointing that that Coach Sturmjarl and the  Morningstars can’t seem get the job done in the regular season…I expect so much more winning…for my money.  I need Coach Sturmjarl to bring me a Championship at the end of the finish line…or else.



April:  Do you have confidence that Coach Sturmjarl can keep coaching the Morningstars in the future?



Lord Commander: Ask me again after Season 10 (*wink*)


April: What has led you to spend so much time away from Bretonnia (and your job) in Sylvania, a place with…let’s just say people that…don’t really like “other” certain people…and drain those “other” people’s blood…until those “other ” people are dead?



Emperor PatMeDown: Sylvania has gotten a bad rap…it’s a beautiful country…with the greatest people…and a super-duper leader…like my bestie Vlad Sputen. I love the skiing…and the nightlife…great raves…partying to sunrise…no crowds during the day…Loving it!



April: But Count Drumph…those same people are Vampires…their entire way of life is to kill the living…like you and me…and the Bretonnian people you swore to protect.  Former Morningstar Star Dagobert Paravon (R.I.P.) had gone on record as investigating Vampire incursions into Bretonnia…with entire families mysteriously disappearing…before he died…unexpectedly.  Famed Vampire Hunter Robert McMueller has even confirmed Dagobert’s suspicions !! and I quote… “Yup, those were Vampires in them there Hills…even wrote Sylvania Was Here…in Blood on the wall over there.” Yet you STILL won’t condemn these actions? Of your new…FRIENDS?…?…?…..?????



Le Grande’ Vizard: April, We all miss “Danger Zone” Dagobert. It was tragic when that well-paid apothecary…that I personally write his paycheck to..failed to heal a simple wound..that led to Dabobert’s death…after he was planning to go public with his investigation…But that’s just an unfair question…there is SO MUCH blame to go around…on BOTH SIDES…We are talking about “peasants” here dying…Is it a Vampire’s fault that peasant blood is so delicious?…and really…maybe the peasants were asking for it…AlI I have seen from Sylvania is so much appreciation for the most important things in the world…mostly ME… and my IMMENSE AMAZINGNESS…and my GREAT wealth…because I am a HUGE success…and I like apples (*Wink* SCWyatt)…WINNING!!!!!


The Morningstars will be facing off against Coach Lazertrip91 and The Lord of the Skinks Sunday, August 20th at 3pm EASTERN STANDARD time!!!


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