While Pro Teams Play Conference Wrap Ups, Challenge League Attrition Has Begun

Well I know we’re all pumped for the last week of the regular season, and to see who’s making it to the playoffs this week.  However for our Challenge League Coaches the playoffs are here, and we’re all just one game from watching our hopes and dreams crumble.

For anyone unfamiliar with the Challenge Cup format here it is:

  • 8 Teams placed into an Unseeded Tournament
  • Single Elimination
  • Challenge Cup Champion Gains 10 Bonus TV

Round 1 of Challenge Cup Is Scheduled As:

Stop Rolling Ones!!! – ReznorRulesYou [TV 1330 Wood Elves] (2W-1L)  vs Smurfs – preach_mj [TV 1020 Humans] (0-0)

Clooneys Immortals – Lonewolfjackson [TV 1260 Skaven] (3W-1L-3T) vs Rodentia Ad Nauseam – ntb_99 [TV 1380 Skaven] (2W-2L)

Innsmouth Deep Ones – Whiskey_Tornado [TV1310 Chaos] (3W-2L) vs Flat Earth Renegades – SILENT-THUNDER75 [TV 1320 Chaos] (3W-2L-2T)

Yate Yobz 2.3 – S130South [TV 1500 Orc] (1W-1L-5T) vs New Orc Knucklebockers – Crimson_Loon [TV1380 Orc] (2W-2L-3T)


Hopefully with some of the Pro games ultimately not having a huge impact, our Challenge Cup can be your source of Blood Bowl Twitch action this week too!