White Walkers II

Post Season White Walkers II

Coach Gimlik sat in his office behind the desk sorting game plans and transfer prospects when the magic sphere buzzed.

“Yes, Gimlik here”

“Hello, this Mark from Spike Magazine, and we want a interview with you!”

“That’s great! What do you guys want to know about my team.”

“This is your first full season in the CL league and your thoughts about it.”

Gimlik leaned back in his chair and let his mind wander, thinking back about the season.

“Yes, this was my first whole season as coach in the CL. And we was placed in the DnD conference and was matched up with CPR conference. “

“And the playpool was riddled with very experienced coaches and great teams, it was named the pool of death in the previews.”

“We had a lot of great matches in the season and we had the record of 3-2-2, we started out good with a win against the Praag No5 and then it just rolled on.”

“Worst moment in the season?” Mark.

“It has to be the game against the lizard team inGen Apocalypse.

The game had it all, my ghoul star was ripped to shreds but the team took revenge on the star skink on the inGen. After a great play we managed to get a hit on the skink and killed that one right out! And we have mounted the head of said skink in changing room.”

“Best moment of the season?” Mark.

“It has to be my first game of the season, I was so nervous going up against the experienced dwarf team Praag, was literally shaking on the coach bench. But with Chaney as a extra star wolf on the team we prevailed and won the game. The relief after the game was enormous.”

“And your thoughts about transfers for next season?” Mark.

“Yes, we have had multiple players scouted. Have had some wolf’s and ghouls here at White Castle for training practice. All wanting to join the White Walkers II, but with a limited budget I needed to find the perfect upcoming star for the team. And we found a great wolf named Harkurg the Furry, a very agile and young wolf who wanted to show he can play with the best.”

“Thank you Gimlik for the interview, the readers of Spike Magazine will be thrilled to read this” Mark.

“Thank you Mark, be back for a preseason interview as well, we can talk more about the players of the White Walkers II then”

That’s all for now folks there you have it, my first article done.

Hope you guys like it!

Coach Gimlik.



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