White Walkers Training

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The team coach pulled up outside the gates of Castle White, home stadium of the White Walkers II, it had looked impressive at a distance but was even more breath taking up close. This was the playground for the Lord of the Skinks first training practice, the two teams had never played before but the Lizards had been watching old game footage of the Walkers all week, and they were impressed with that they saw, whole teams had been taken apart at the hands of these necromantic players but one players stood out above all else, Holofernes Bluefur. As far as werewolves go this one had to be one of the meanest coach Lazertrip had ever seen, and just thinking about seeing him in person was already giving him nightmares.

The newly arrived Lizardman team walked through the massive entrance into Castle White, but the usual roar of the crowd he was used to could not be heard in the distance, instead all he could hear was Larry’s massive Kroxigor footsteps on the floor behind him. As they exited the tunnel on the other side they were met with bright sunlight and it took their eyes a few seconds to adjust, there waiting for them were the White Walkers, all lined up with their uniforms on and helmets in hand, Coach GimlikSwe was taking to his team but turned to see the Lizards approaching when he too must have heard Larry’s earth shaking footsteps.

“Hello and thank you for coming” said Gimlik as he shook Lazertrips hand, “i trust you found the place ok”. “find the place” laughed Lazer “you cant bloody miss the place it’s huge”. “well then how about I show you around while we leave our teams to get acquainted?” Gimlik gestured to his team and they broke ranks and were walking and some shuffling to the Lizards, “let’s hope the punching doesn’t start until they get on the pitch” whispered Gimlik.

Blocks were being thrown all over the pitch, lizards punching zombies, wights punching skinks, there was so much to keep track of, but after some practice drills and a quick break they had decided a practice game was in order. The 1st half had gone the Lord of the skinks way, with their punches knocking many of the Necro team unconscious and off the pitch, they took an early 1-0 lead but as the 2nd half started all of the White Walkers were back on the pitch and ready for another go at the Lizards. The werewolf claws were finally taking their toll on the Saurus armour and the Lizards ranks were getting thinner by the minute, with a quick TD from the Necro the game was back on at 1-1.
The Necro kicked off again but before the Lizards could even react the sheer speed of the werewolves was too much for them and they were all over them again, while the flesh golems held up most of the saurus muscle on the line of scrimmage it was left to the skinks and one or two of the saurus to deal with the ball, but it wasn’t enough, the star of the day was definitely Lady Wyatt the 2md werewolf of the team who was taking saurus out every few swings, and with another good TD it was 2-1 to the walkers, but what a hell of a game it was.

The teams took time to chat as best they could after the game, given the language barrier there was quite a lot of charades going on, the two coaches also talked tactics and about the season ahead for their respective teams, having spent the whole day there night was closing in and it was time for the Lizards to head back, they still had a lot to prepare as they approached their 2nd league game against conference rivals the Weeping Widowmakers. Coach Gimlik and his team said their farewells, maybe they would meet on the pitch one day in the league, with no major damage to his team Lazertrip was happy with how the session went and was already looking forward to the next one, they had learned a lot from the Walkers but could always learn more from other teams, and the Saurus seemed to love their new claw scars so it was a win win for everyone.

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