Who are the real Punks?

The dance troupe turned blood bowl team known as Razzle Dazzle had exceeded everyone’s expectations to reach the MML Pro Final in their debut season.

coach shakeydog had gotten into a little hot water during his pre match press conference when in what appeared to be a translation issue he seemed to call the two time champs and legendary MML, Rodentia Ad Nauseum, opponents a punky team! It was too late for any back tracking, it was out there now!

Understandably this caused some consternation in the MML chat rooms, how could such a junior team flagrantly disrespect such a power house.

To add some perspective this was the elves first season, thrust straight into the pros after the challenge league was disbanded, a few farm games preceded this, the final would be just their 17th game.

RAN in comparison are double MML Pro champions as well as 3 time bowl winners and about to take the field for the 193rd time.

This led the coach to consider, who are the real punks here? The seasoned, successful rats or the new kids on the block, spandex wearing elves.

What did the rest of the coaches think? Shakeydog, a well known hustler, consulted the betting records for the season, no one had picked the Dazzle to win the championship, ok fair enough it’s their first season. Quarter finals, an even split between the Dazzle the the sea elves. Semi final, no one picked the Dazzle. Final, no one picked the Dazzle.

so the rest of the league clearly thought the Dazzle were a bunch of upstarts.

What about the team, he called his two blitzers, Tango & Twist to his office. “So, what do you think about this media storm?”

Tango stepped forward “we might be new, we might not have played so many games, we might not have won so many trophies but at the end of the day we are still elves and they are still rats”

”Rats are by their very nature punks and should be trodden on, we are elves, maybe not those pompous high elves, but still elves and have the right to call rats punks no matter how many games they have played!”

While shakey was pleased that the players were clearly confident in their own ability he was concerned that he could very easily end up with egg on his face, dismissing RAN was an incredibly stupid thing to do, they were overwhelming favourites for the match.

”Oh well, if it all goes pear shaped I can always send them back to dancing at weddings”

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