Who called for the exterminators?

In a shock turnaround of form the Darkmoon Blades have just beaten Skuttle Butts in a 2-1 meat grinder of a match.

The speedy ratmen opened strong with a turn 6 touchdown after very nearly losing possession of the ball, the blitz defense after kicking to the elf team looked like it would net a second touchdown in the first half however it was not to be. The Darkmoon Blades retaliated by killing Stutter Step the gutter runner and further injuring another linerat.

Going into the second half a snap defense by the newly on form elves led to another linerat injury a couple of KO’s and rapid touchdown. Several dwarves were overheard complaining about some elven BS as a blitz defense after the kickoff resulted in the death of another player, this time a linerat. Being down so many players led to the rats being swamped with elves and not maintaining possession. A turn 14 blitz from a fearless thrower led to a brief moment of panic as the elven ballholder hit the deck stunned, however it wasnt to stand as it was swiftly retrieved and a second touchdown scored.

An overconfident Storm Vermin blitz led to no ground being covered by the rats after the next kickoff allowing the elves to lash out at the remaining ratmen, alas the ritual turn 16 foul of the linerat led to nothing as the unusually resilient rat didn’t even get scratched. At the final count the toll for the match was  2 dead and 3 injured rats, where did this viciousness come from? How did the Darkmoon Blades go from flops to exterminators? Rumours are flying with many saying that performance enhancing substances had to have been involved. The referee however has since gone missing and cannot be queried to find out just what he saw.