Who was that guy?

The Galadriel Reakers lost again. And of all teams, it must have been the Mongooses, the arch enemy of the Reakers. Before the game, all eyes were on Vyburn Windwheel who played his comeback game. The fans of the Reakers hoped that together with their beloved lucky number 7 also the lucky dice will return.

The game started promising with an impressive Steal of Wardancer Elendriel followed by a touchdown of Hupertine Hurtless. But what should have been the redemption of the Reakers and Windwheel turned into a disaster and a confession of failure in the remaining game. And Vyburn Windwheel was the keyfigure in the upcoming events that lead to the 2-1 defeat of the Reakers.

At the end of the first half, Elendriel could attack again the Mongooses’ Ballcarrier. The ball landed in the crowd and was thrown back to a large free space in the midfield. But instead of saving the ball, Windwheel ran towards the enemy’s endzone and demanded with wild gestures that his team mates should pick-up the ball and pass it to him. His only free teammate directly tried to run to the ball but stumbled on the way, leaving the ball undefended in scoring range for the Mongooses. Of course, the Mongooses took this invitation, picked-up the ball and scored easily.

Next, instead of correcting his mistakes with the classical 1-turn-move that Windwheel is known for, he failed the positioning and the try ended measly. Finally, to cap it all off, Windwheel fumbled the pick-up in the second half and the Reakers lost the ball immediately. The Mongooses took the invitation again and played it very well. They build a nice trap and the Reakers stepped in such that the 2-1 winning score was such a matter of form.

After the game, the Reakers’ fans were asking themselves, who was this guy wearing the dress number 7 and where the hell is Vyburn Windwheel? Maybe, he will appear in this week’s game when The Reakers will face Haughty By Nature. Both teams have zero points and want to prove that they belong to a spot more at the top of the division. Who will make it? – We will see it tomorrow around noon.

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