Who’s this Dino Rock lot???

  1. The nerves where starting to show as beads of sweat ran down Berzos face and onto his freshly pressed new suit. Rhino the newly promoted captain was stood in the tunnel waiting 2 run Dino rock out for their 1st ever MML playoff game, he had been given the captains armband due to the unwanted injury of T-rex in the last league game against the misfits. (Rhino had held his own though in the league leading the running yards and TD’S and deserved the honour of leading his team out against the nasty undead side) Nobody expected us to be at this stage and the team were buzzing to get out on the pitch and get stuck in. How different things nearly where though 7 weeks ago…………..

[Cue flashback music]

The team, still trying to come to terms with missing out on the MML challenge league were sat on Dino rock after a particularly hard training session pondering life and what was next for them. The coach Berzo trying to stay positive was finding things extremely hard, there was trouble in the ranks and morale was at an all time low.

It was that moment a note from our illustrious leader was dropped at Berzos feet, could this be what the whole team were waiting for?

They crowded around with anticipation pushing and shoving for a better view. Leatherface the new star signing was obviously at the front as nobody would mess with him after the hits he’d put in pre season. “Come on boss”, squeaked Rhino in his typical squeaky skink voice, “whats the score?”

Berzo opened the letter carefully and there it was,the golden ticket to compete in the MML league. There was uproar, skinks getting thrown everywhere, rocks getting smashed and balls trampled on. It was on, and boy did they feel ready, 1 week to train and that was it, fight time. T-rex calm as always just kept quiet plodding around in center field, he knew his time would come and here it was, the big time.

Raptor having done some serious strength training the past few weeks was as fired up as anybody had ever seen him, almost a gibbering wreck, for he knew what this meant. Could it be the big break Berzo and the Dino rock team needed, could they make the playoffs 1st season of trying, even more what about the PRO’S……

Don’t get ahead of yourself Raptor theres along way to go came the calming voice of T-rex let’s just wait and see pal, wait and see..

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