“Why is the food always gone”

“Why are we here”, Larek asked. “For the 1000th time we were summoned here by letter, promising us riches and glory beyond belief” Rand answered. “And you trust it?” Zyphos piped in. “I trust no one but us, but its worth the risk, now shut up, we are almost there.”

Rand walked up to the door, finishing the last of the roasted rat on  a stick and throwing it aside. “Do we knock or just go in?” Rand asked. “Show our dominance and just go in like we own the place” Larek replied. Rand just walked right in, chest puffed out daring anyone to challenge him. What he saw stopped him dead in his tracks. Food, an entire room of food. So much food he almost didn’t notice the figure in the hood standing there..

“Welcome, no need for introductions, I know who you are, and you know me, get some food and we will get down to business, I know you are hungry. We cleared an entire small village for this feast. It’s all for you.”  Rand rushed forward and started digging in no questions or second prompts needed. “We know this guy? Who is he?” Larek asked. “Who cares, do you see all this food?” Rand replied as he stuffed some mashed potatoes in his mouth. “I agree, he is my hero” the normally quiet Semmi Replied. “Now, if you don’t mind, while you eat I’d like to explain why I summoned you here.” “mk” Rand replied with a mouth full of food.

“I summoned you here to hire you, we are creating an elite group of coaches to enter the MML and do the bidding of Nurgle, well really I asked the priests of Nurgle to help with this venture, it’s my bidding, “what is this guy..”SHUT UP”… but this will be the last time we see each other, can’t have people associating these 4 teams with me.” Rand took a minute to digest everything that was just said, and silence his voices. “So what does that mean for me, never considered myself an elite blood bowl coach, Also you said 4 teams? Who and what are they?” Rand asked continuing to stuff his face. ”This guy is crazier than us! But who is he? I seem to recognize his voice, but can’t place it.” Larek asked. “STOP TALKING, until we are done here I need to focus” Rand snapped.

“The Four Horsemen, does that name mean anything to you?” The man asked. “Nothing at all” Rand replied quizzical. “Death, Pestilence, War, and Famine. These are the means the 4 of you will use to take over the MML and do my bidding. Thunden, VpowerV, and BernieBuffon will be joining you in this task.” “Wow, why would they throw you in with a group of coaches with the resume that they have” Semmi asked, laughing. “SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!” Rand yelled. “You will be Famine for obvious reasons” The man said, looking towards the almost empty room of food.  “You will have as much gold as needed, and will be provided the best Blood Bowlers that Nurgle and his priests have to offer. We have already assured that each of you will be in a separate playpool in the CL to spread the rot and our bidding to every team. Now take this Money and go meet your team.” Rand taking the last of the food wishing there was more, went out back, arguing with the voices as he went…


  1. Nice Rand sir, I didn’t see where the link with the food would go! – But I like it. I am glad I had just started tucking into my own snacks. 😀

  2. Fr:TheRealDrumph: Sounds like a sound buisness model! My people will call your people 🤑🐙💰💰💰

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