Wicked Forest Conference

The Wicked Forest Conference is a place of mystical forces and deep earthly primal power. The teams in the WFC not only compete against each other, but also against the mysterious forces at work on the pitch. There is always a third, unknown, opponent on the pitch each game – as if playing its own game. The coaches of the WFC do well to appease the Wicked Forest before each game – all in hopes of securing whatever wicked blessing they can.

Wicked Forest Conference Champions

SeasonConference ChampionConference Record (W-L-D)
Season 1--
Season 2Gottlieb Gladiators / Roquefort Ramblers1-0-0 / 1-0-0
Season 3White Owlz1-0-1
Season 4White Owlz1-0-2
Season 5White Owlz3-0-0
Season 6Harrelsons2-0-1
Season 7Granite City Grimbeards2-1-0
Season 8White Owlz2-0-1