Wish you were here?

A sealed envelope was delivered to the changing rooms of the Thugz of Wheldrake. The envelope was stained with, well I’m not quite sure what it was stained with but it smelt so bad it even made Basebull Fury turn his nose up. Since none of the Thugz players could actually read they enlisted their caretaker coach Mr Herbert to read it for them.

My dearest Thugz,

I hope you are all well and recovering from your (another) defeat at the hands of the Slann Seers. I should have really schooled you better when you have to work with wizards, that error cost you the game, or at least a touchdown anyway! But I must say, a big congratulations to killing The OverseerMK II, keep up I inflicting the injuries and deaths and I’m sure the chaos gods will reward you.

I can’t tell you where I am right now incase Goblin Gambling locate me and throw me into Orcatraz! Let’s just say through the help of some goblin farmers I managed to hide in a cart full of troll dung and get to the coast. Once there a snuck upon a trading ship called the Naughty German bound for Reikland. Once at see a storm struck, and I became shipwrecked. I wandered aimlessly for days, surviving only only eating my fingers on my left hand and drinking my own urine! ย When I thought I was done for I stumbled upon a commune, although the stench was terrible and flies filled the air I pressed on in search of civilisation. To my horror it turned out to be a commune who had devoted their lives to Nurgle! Lucky for me I built up a strong stomach through cleaning the beastmens quarters at the Black Stronghold. It turns out these guys weren’t a bad bunch really, lacking in some personal hygiene issues perhaps but they really are quite civil. I will send another letter when I get chance, in the mean time, in my absence, kill as many wardancers as you can guys !

Yours, Hairy Warthog.



  1. Oh my lord… I think I also know where this is headed too!… Dun, dun, dun! ๐Ÿ˜€

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