Wrecking Kru win Iron League

The Wrecking Kru won the Iron League yesterday with a very bland and boring 0-0 draw with Bill Cowher Power Hour. The game was pretty much without any highlights, and in fact, had many fans in the stands watching other games on their handheld devices. The Kru did not make coaches or players available after the game, but did issue this statement through their Sports Information Director.

“We are fully aware that the fans wanted to see more from the Kru in this game, but the simple fact is we did all we had to do. We knew going in that all we needed was a win or draw to advance to the playoffs, so we had the high ground, so to speak. Imagine our surprise when, in the second half, the Chaos team did not try to attack and get the ball! It made our jobs very easy. Protect the ball, advance to the playoffs. It was like they expected us to come to them, or they didn’t really know what to do when their abomination of a Chaos Warrior wasn’t putting opponents into the hospital. Imagine an army with the high ground, giving it up to attack the opponent below them? It simply isn’t done. Basic tactics would tell you that. When they finally did try to attack, it was too late. Now, it was a very risky play, and it almost succeeded, but almost doesn’t count. We are sure that their coach will have a witty press conference calling us out about “hiding behind a tie”, or how we didn’t want to face them, but the bottom line is that we did everything we needed to. Keep your eye on the prize! In this case, the prize was the playoffs, not who could injure the most opponents. We are very satisfied with the result, and look forward to making a run at the championship.”

One would think that there is bad blood between the two teams, but Coach Caven assured us that he views them as he does any other opponent; as an opponent, nothing more. We can’t wait to see what comes of this budding rivalry in the future.