YDSMH: Goodbye

The season was over and the future was unsure.  The players chattered about the game as the cleaned out their lockers.  The coach entered carrying a box filled mostly with half drank booze bottles.

The coach looked around the room slowly at each player before he spoke, “Guys, the team is being retired.  You spent 2 seasons in the MML and did far more than I ever expected.  You should be proud of yourselves and what you accomplished.  You took the field against the best and showed to be quality.  You took the field with stars and showed to be value.  You took the field when hurt or down and showed to be courageous.  You wanted to come to the MML to prove that you were good enough.  I feel that you did that.  I took it upon myself to file the paperwork to apply for entrance into the MML Trophy Case.”  Coach holds up a letter sealed with a wax imprint of the MML logo.  “It didn’t take long for them to send this.  Hickory you’ve lead this team since the beginning.  I think you should be the one to open it.”

Hickory steps forward and receives the letter.  Holding it carefully he runs his fingers over the wax MML embossment.  Then slide his finger under to pop the seal loss and gain access to the parchment inside.  He began reading out loud but, quickly lost his volume and was at a whisper as he focused on each word of the letter.  “Dear Distinguished Coach, The long tradition of the Mead & Meyhem League has seen teams come and go, coaches retire and new aspiring coaches take their place. The MML is honored to invite You didn’t see me here to be inducted in to the Trophy Case….”

The room fell silent as the news sunk into the players.

Coach again speaks, “You showed up to me wanted to prove yourself to others.  That I think you have done.  I hope you have also prove to yourselves what is special in each one of you.  You are going to a place where the true greats of the MML have been welcomed.  Champions like Dream Wild and Abomination Nation are there.  Elf champions like Princess of Arioch, White Owls and Harrelsons call this place home.  Historical franchises like the Skuttle Butts, New Orcland Grunst and newly added Slaan Sears are there.  Fan favorite teams like the Great skelly army of Harry Hausens and the Nurgle passers from Weeping Widowmakers have settled in the case.  You might even see the outsides known as Brutas Blessed Vermin.  It was an helveconor to be called your coach.  Redwood I have something for you.” (hands him a sealed letter with a green wax logo of a bird embossed on it and gold lettering with “Red Wood” spelled out in a fancy elven font)  “That is a contract to play for the Seathiel Treehawks.  They are a great team and Sacer is a real elf coach.  He can teach you more things about elfing in a day than I could in a lifetime.  They have seen your play and are giving you the chance to stay in the pros if you want.  You are called You didn’t see me here… But, you will be put on display for the world to see.  This is the last of the teams gold.  It’s not much but it should be enough for a night of partying.”

Coach sets the bag of gold on a bench and the team erupts in joy hugging and celebrating the news.  More_Shots quietly exits with his box of booze.


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