YDSMH got a win and got a loss

YDSMH: Season 2
Week 3…

The mood was like around the locker room.  The elves had started to get use to the new treeman.  They just left him alone and he left them alone.  They knew having him on the field did make a difference and did help.  Be secretly they wished that Bonsai was still with the team.  Coach ran him out of town before even giving him a chance.  But, despite these issues they got their first PRO victory.  The team chatted lightly about the game and players relived the touchdowns from their perspective.   Then a door is slammed in anger and the elves look quick to see the Coach in with his hand still clenched around the door knob that had been freshly broken off.

“Bet you all think you did something out there.  Yeah you might have got a quick win.  But, in the process you feed one of my players into the crowd and into his death.”

The elves all looked around and nobody was missing.  Even the Iraeaere the loner was still there having joined the team.

Old Hickory speaks up, “Coach, we are all here nobody died.  Look we even have a new guy!”

(coach sits down on a stool with his back against the door and drops the knob onto the floor)

“You guys don’t even know.  You have know idea of the history of the MML and all my players.  See before you guys came around I had coach many many teams.  Sure the Power Hour are the most well known of them.  But, I coached the Beer Me!!! Dwarves in the CL for a season as a favor to some league higher ups.  I farm coached wood elves once long ago.  They called themselves Morning Wood.  THey just disappeared one day never to be heard from again.  Had some High Elves I coached for a bit too.  Come to think of it they disappeared too.  I coached some Orcs and a bunch of different Chaos, Even had a Norse team before the all died in a Fireball Vall Hell Yah thing that they talked about all the time.  I even coached a Skaven team.  Gosh, what did they call themselves… Mobbed Up or something like that.  THey had strange nicknames and stuff.  But, they had been a good group of rats.  Then the transfer market became a thing and coach Papa Whiskey contacted me about his SKaven team that had fallen on hard times and needed money bad.  So, they sold me a thrower from their roster and told me if they ever got their money issues taken care of that they would pay me back.  Seasons went by and I coached that crazy thrower.  That kid was special.  He hated the short pass.  HATED IT!  He wouldn’t listen to coaching even would back up to make longer passes sometimes.  But, man did he love to play.  He’s just run up to that ball load his launcher and bomb that thing over everyone’s head and into the hand of a gutter runner.  He was the best skaven thrower I ever seen.  That was Snikt Snaggletooth.  That was the player I coached and traded to the Pierat’s.  He was my player too and watching him play the way he loved always gave me a smile.  He passed right over your heads!  You couldn’t stop him so you killed him!  Hell, you couldn’t even kill him… You had the crowd do it.  That rat had more heart than any of you.   Sure you might have won the game.  But, this game lost way more because of what you did.”

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