YDSMH!!! … or did you?

The sun rises in the East shining its morning light to reveal the tracks from the skaven wagon that left sometime in the night.  It also lights the shut eyes of the gutter runner on the roof with an empty bottle in his clutches.  He rolls over to prevent the sun from disturbing his eyes too much.  Curled in a ball with the bottle now as his pillow he continues his sleep and dreaming of whatever creatures like this dream of.

A single horse rides up with a witch elf dressed in dark green riding high on it’s back.  The horse didn’t have a saddle but instead had a strange harness that lead to a 2 wheeled wagon with a cylinder of knives and blades that shined and spun as it was pulled.

She stopped at the end of the drive and collected the pile of papers and moved them to the doorstep.  Then she moved the dwarven basket of booze to the step.  After a short time fidgeting with the strange horse pulled machine the witch remounted the horse and stabbed her heals into its side.  It slowly pulled the device thru the tall grass cutting it back to a trim and managed level.  After a few passes back and forth zigzagging she stopped the horse again at the front and looked back at her work.  The lawn was done… but, something needed to still be done about the dying flower and shaggy bushes.

The lawn care witch went to a rain collection barrel at the side of the house and with an old rusted can watered to neglected flowers in front.  With only the bushes left she returned to the horse-drawn cutting device and removed two large blades from it.  She lashed then together with a band of metal into a menacing looking arm length pair of scissors.  She began with the row of bushes on the left hand side and slowly trimming them back into the presentable shape.

Then she moved to the other side and continued her task.  But, as she trimmed the bush seemed to slightly tremble as if a bird or small creature might be inside of it.  She plunges her hand into the top of the bush and spreads them to see if it a birds nest.

… Nothing…

She begins trimming again.  Then she notices a small chunk of long white hair on the ground.  She reached down and picks it up.  She plunges her hand into the bottom of the bush and spreads them again.

… a dirty pair of feet stand on either side of the bushes trunk …

She screams and she jumps back from the bush flinging the tool into the air.  The large scissors fall blades first into the ground as she makes a break for the horse.

Her scream is matched by a Simyan like scream from the center of the bush.  As a slender white haired elf retreats out the back of the bush and stops in front of the front door.  He looks at the witch and thru a black mask covering his mouth lets out another simyan screech.

The witch scampers up the the horse and glances back to the house to see the strange creature from the bush.  Dirt covered and savage, the elflike creature was rail thin and in a wild rage.  He postured with anger and pride, flailing his arms and beating his chest.  A bark sign sign hung from his neck …

Chaoz Elfz Want More Shotz”

The witch dug the he heals into the horse with a force and urgency and sent the horse into a panicked sprint.  The horse and machine flew away spitting rocks and debris in all directions.  The ruckus startled the sleeping skaven causing him to mishandle his booze bottle pillow.  It crashed to the ground and shattered.  The wild elf dodge to cover into the bushes on the left sit of the house.  The sound of the escaping horse got quieter with distance and the skaven repositioned for sleep and the elves head popped out of the top of the freshly trimmed bush.  He scanned in all direction then slowly submerged himself back into the leafy green foliage.  The quiet returns to the house and all goes still again…

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