YDSMH: We Want The CUP!!!

A group a elves gathered around a piece of parchment.

“No guys this one is WORLD WIDE!” a wardancer stated in excitement.

“But, we are in the MML. How can we be MML and World Wide?” a catcher inquires

“Our chance starts in the MML… Then if we prove ourselves again here then we would get a chance to go forward to prove our abilities to the entire Old World.” the wardancer explains. “Now all we need to do it fill out the form and send it in to the league.

They grab a writing device and begin filling in the form.

“Team name…YDSMH. I think people round these parts know that.” They mumble as they fill in the lines
“Team race… um… Chaos Elves…” (thinks) “Yeah, Chaos Elves NOT Wood Elves.”

“Roster: Hickory Wardancer… Guys I need you to all fill in your info.” Hickory instructs before handing the page around. “I’ll do your stuff Hateleaf.”

The room fills with excitement as the sheet collects names.
Hickory is handed the sheet back with just 2 lines left to fill in.
He fills in Hateleaf Angerbranch Sr info. Then reads the last line. “Coach Name…. Coach Signature…”

“Guys… it says we need a coach.” Hickory announces “Should we just forge his name and not tell him?”
(Hickory puts the pencil in his weak hand) “Here goes nothing.” Hickory writes and signs More_Shots into the final lines.

“Wait, that doesn’t look right!” Pine Tar, the thrower, exclaims and runs out of the room and returns quickly with a bottle of booze that he spills on the page and then dabs it back dry then crinkles it into a ball before spreading it flat again.  He holds up the paper for the team to see.  It’s smudged, wrinkled, and looks like it had been forgotten and abused for weeks.

“That looks like the paperwork of the coach. They will think he filled it out now.” Pine Tar admires his work, “We aren’t really gonna let him coach us again… are we?”

Hickory steps forward, “This is our chance to prove to the WORLD that we can do this. We are chaos elves and we don’t need a coach screwing this up like last time. We know what we are doing and this is just the tournament we need to show everyone.”

Hickory folds the paper up and places it in an envelope and seals it with a wax stamped “YDSMH”

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