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**Daytime 3rd Moon of Candor**

Green Day was in a sulk.

He’d had his big moment stolen from him by Coach Thunden.

The whole team had been boarding the PlagueWagon and as he went to get on the coach had put his hand on his chest and muttered, “Not today Greenie. You’ll not be needed. We’re taking Soundgarden with us today. Stay here with Banlaen and practice your passing game.”

Passing Game?!?!?! I’m a rotter with hobnail boots you blithering idiot!!! When did you see one of us pass the ball last!?!?! That’s the Pestis job that’s what you brought in those divas for!

Green Day trudged back to training camp, thoroughly bemoaning his pox ridden lot. Promising to have a damn good pray to Pappa.

**Late Evening 3rd Moon of Candor**

Green Day wakes up to the sound of whooping and hollering. Groggily he gets to his feet and heads out to see what the ruckus is… He’s greeted by the sight of the new rotter, Soundgarden being hoisted on the shoulders of his team mates, the team chanting his name and generally behaving like odious humans.

Green Day goes back to his hovel and stuffs his ears with his sleeping beetles.

**Morning 4th Moon of Candor**

Trudges out to training, more of this passing nonsense… however Green Day finds his way barred… a massive new CabalVision screen has been installed just outside of his digs. Moving around to get a better view of what is being shown on this behemoth… he sees a looped highlight of the end of the first half of what appears to be the game against Dead Metal. Thrilled that he will be able to see his team mates take on his idols, he gazes up at the screen… he sees Soundgarden, his Rotter colleague neglect a stamp on a downed opponent and shuffle towards the ball… in horror he sees him pick up the ball meander further down the pitch… Then pin his arm back and fire a pinpoint pass to the end zone and the waiting Stoned Temple Pilot.

A dull aching feeling hit Green Day in the stomach… this wasn’t why he’d joined up in this glorious Nurgle Revolution! He’d been promised a simple life on the Bloodbowl pitch. Shamble around, hit as many things as possible, don’t get in the way of the pestigors. Simple. Now he was being expected to become an elf?!??! This wasn’t what Pappa had preached.

**Afternoon 4th Moon of Candor – Team Briefing**

“Congratulating our MVP for the game… please give it up for the rotter you could marry your daughter to, the fella who we may have to describe as notta rotta…. SOUNDGARDEN!!!”

Green Day attempted a smile and a lackadaisical clap. Whoop dee mucking doo.

Who was bloody Soundgarden anyway? He hadn’t been here as long as Green day had. He was a Jonny come lately. An ursurper. Green Day had always been the preeminent Rotter on this team. How would he go about getting his place back. It was clear to Green Day this season was going to be a bunch of XXXX.

As he turned and left the team to celebrate with their new flavour of the month, he stared up at the CabalVision screen still illuminating his grubby little corner of the training complex. Sighed, and walked on…

“Pssssst…. Psssssst…” said a short goblin like fella peeking round the corner of the kit storage…

“You’re the famous Green Day right?” said he thusly… “I represent… a cabal who think you might be able to work with us… here’s my card, call me, maybe.”

As he passed the card over Green Day got a whiff of something… smelled like bourbon. It certainly was sweeter than his usual own detritus that he carried with him. No sooner had he taken the card and looked up the goblin was gone.

*Bertie Postlesnot esq – take this card to your local witch doctor for contact – I can make ya famous my love!*

Green Day looked about, no one else was around. He pocketed the card and moped back into the team briefing to hear about the plan for the upcoming game against last seasons rivals, the Lord of the Skinks. Maybe Coach Thunden would make this right… if not… then what had he got to lose…

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  1. Could there be more shenanigans with a Thunden coached team? What could GG possibly offer a rotter? Can’t wait to find out -great story line (apart from a very dubious song reference 😅)

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