You won’t believe what this Grandiose Gladiator player said!

The following is an excerpt from a listicle from FuzzBreed “15 things about #SkullGate that will make you lose your head “

In a recent interview with Thee Grandiose Gladiators star blitzer and recent champion of “Watch Elfs Dance” (Cabalvision  8pm Modor Time) Longrod Von Hugendong had some thoughts on the recent #Skullgate scandal.

“I find this debacle so tiresome. Outrage, over beastmen and rats, both filthy creatures, defiling each others corpses. What player, hasn’t taken some souvenir off the field? You think I bought these Saurus boots? Ha, how ludicrous a notion. I look forward in my next match of acquiring a rat tail for a new wonderfully decadent belt.”

When asked about possible league intervention :

“How exquisite. League goblin lawyers getting involved would increase the preposterous exhibit of this so-called scandal. Goblins love their gold. Once I was fined for a bribe in game, by the referee I bribed. Do not quote me on that last line, I’d rather not have to answer to the commissioner. ”

When asked about winning a future Blood Bowl match against Mauz:

[Longrod Von Hugendong begins to laugh, but crumbles into uncontrollable sobbing.]