MML ProTalk – Episode 44

Yes!!!! 2 weeks in a row!!!! FLEX!!!

This week the Godfather of the MML joins us… Preach!

We discuss what got the MML started… the journey over the last 5 years, the twists the turns and where we’re headed to with BB2 and BB3.

MML Mastermind

Fluff and Lore

Podcast Questions

Let us know what you think in the comments section or in discord! Tune in again next week!

love and tentacles


MMLPro Talk
MMLPro Talk
MML ProTalk - Episode 44


  1. Absolutely loved this podcast. The other side of the league and the reasons behind it are very interesting indeed. Being a newcomer to the league, the welcoming experience has been fantastic, .

  2. Bonus points…..tiger shark was the og godfather and the man with a Fanny pack at the Indy meet up 😂😂
    Great pod guys nice to hear the history again!!!

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