Post Series: Chronicles of Ubersreik

A New Flame Rises

The skaven under empire spanned most of the known world. The Under-Empire stretches from one end of the Old World to the next. They have few major cities, though they often arise when they are planning a new assault on… Read the rest

The Next Chapter

No Other posts in the series can be found: A New Flame Rises Coach Gerdleah was in his office, inside the Nightmare Cavern stadium, home of the The Witch’s Coven. He had just been summoned in front of the board… Read the rest

Garden of Morr

“So coach, how do ya like ya new home?” asked Da-Runt as he led Coach Gerdleah into the home of the team he was being asked to coach. “They called Ubersreik Flamers and we ave high hopes for em. Well… Read the rest

Above ground rules

“Stop right there ya dirty rats, this is your new coach. He ain’t dinna.” Da-Runt looked up at Coach Gerdleah and laughingly said “Though no sure what the boss will do to ya if you don’t get results.”  There was… Read the rest

The First Week

Construction of the stadium was well underway. Da-Runt had fulfilled his side of the deal. Gold and treasures had been carted along the tunnel and down to the training pitch at the end of the first week of training with… Read the rest