Back to Hell

“Another failure and there will be Hell to pay!

Those were his words as he left my office, a smell of sulfer lingering afterwords, clogging my throat.

Lucifer and his threats where becoming more and more troublesome, and I could feel my grip slipping on the troupe.

He must be removed from the team before it’s too late…

I thought to myself-and I know just the team(and coach) for the job.

Coach Git had been a source of advice, a mentor if you will, in the running of a Livingly challenged team, and Dead Metal was renowned for the ability to deal with troublesome players.

A message was passed through the usual channels, agreement made and just prior to the match I informed Lucifer that great and powerful he may be, he’d best beware the might of Steffan the Champion-knowing full well this would enrage the demonic Lucifer beyond all reason.

And so it transpired that Lucifer, all sense lost in bloodlust was brought low-though the match was brutal with many paying the butchers bill.

‘ Now we must rebuild, no more will I be blinded by ability alone, it must be matched by willingness to be a team

And with that thought my attention turned to the next challenge-survival and growth in the Pro’s…

…and where all these rats are coming from!

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